Monday, October 22, 2012

Commission adds one to ethics panel

In what I'd say was a pretty classy move (I suppose some folks would say it was a political move, but whatever), Knox County Commissioner Brad Anders suggested that the board nominate all six or seven (I lost count there) of the applicants who showed up last week to interview for the final spot on the county's Ethics Committee.

Then Knox County Chairman Tony Norman pointed out that “someone in the audience” can also submit a nomination.

All this, obviously, was in far contrast to the Oct. 10 Ethics Committee meeting in which the panel reappointed two of its members and – according to commissioners and some folks – gave little consideration to the other 23 applicants.

In the end, Ken Gross – click right smack here for his credentials – got the gig. It's a partial term that expires next Halloween. (Seriously.)

According to his resume, Gross has some governmental experience. In August, Gov. Big Bill Haslam picked him to serve a three-year term as the East Tennessee Commissioner on the State of Tennessee Occupational Safety & Health Review Commission in Nashville (talk about a mouthful of a title).

He's also done some other stuff. Again, just click here.

Now, with that said, all this could be moot anyway. The commission today also agreed that during next month's work session it will probably appoint a subcommittee to look into overhauling the 9-member panel.

I wrote about it the other day.

Stay tuned. 

I suppose.


Brian Paone said...

Wasn't Homer Simpson employed in occupational safety too?

I don't know the guy. I just thought it was funny. I mean, he really is suited more for HR or plant safety or something like that, though to be fair the Ethics Commission really isn't a difficult job.

For the right people, anyway.

Mike Donila said...

hahahaha. true.

it's possible he got it because he was the only one who showed up today (not that any of them needed to since the interviews were done last week)

Steve said...

Ken's job involves regulation, rules, codes of behavior (safety vs. ethics), and I'm sure OSHA rules have a lot of 'grey area' issues of discussion. I think he's certainly a qualified pick.

I suspect the special committee will just look at overhauling the membership rules and terms, not the Ethics Committee itself (e.g., standing members). Such wording just feeds the trolls.

(Even if Amy would like to see it disbanded and reformed with new members, putting it in the hands of an outside group, that's unlikely to happen).