Thursday, November 19, 2015

BOE members' evaluations tell two different tales of superintendent

The leader of Knox County Schools is seeking a two-year contract extension. Whether he gets it is largely dependent on what the school board members think about him, and their evaluations tell almost two completely different tales: Dr. Jim McIntyre is either a leader or he’s not.

He’s steadily improved communications among staff and personnel or he hasn’t. Increased graduation rates and test scores are good, or they don’t mean anything.

The 9-member school board turned in their evaluations on Monday. McIntyre completed his own last week. The board will talk publicly with the superintendent about them during a called meeting on Nov. 30.

“I take the performance evaluation process very seriously,” McIntyre said in a statement. “I appreciate the School Board members’ feedback, and always seek ways to improve and enhance my leadership so that the Knox County Schools can continue to provide an exemplary education to the children of our community.”

You can read each board member's evaluation RIGHT SMACK HERE.

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