Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Commish candidate Ashley fires first shot in campaign against Anders

John Ashley, who is running for County Commission to represent the Northwest Knox, Hardin Valley, and Karns areas against 6th District Commissioner Brad Anders, sent out a release on Friday.

I talked to him briefly. He's a Knoxville native, married with two children. He's 36, works for a payroll company, and said he wanted to run because he doesn't think "we have proper representation for someone listening to the community."

He said Brad has his own agenda and it's "time for someone to step up and listen to what the community wants."

"We're being too reactive - we need someone who will make decisions and not pass on votes."
In his press release, he noted a reprimand Brad received back in the summer of 2013, but then asked me not to include it to; instead, he wanted to focus on more current issues. Er, OK.

Here's the rest of the release.
Then this year (2015) alone two instances have come up to question the current commissioner’s decision-making abilities.  Elected officials are put into office to make tough decisions on issues that are facing our county.  They are elected to make those tough decisions.  

The rezoning proposal was dismissed before anyone could take a stance, given the opportunity I would have taken a stance to stop the rezoning.  The dismissal was wrong and done without the communities input.   There was no strategic plan for the placement of the proposed building to be built.  I believe as a leader you step up and take your place when something is not right.   

More recently the Knox County E-911 Board has spent nearly $40,000 on a study that concluded the $8.9 million proposal by the Harris Corp., which was recommended by the board and a private consulting group appointed by the board. Your commissioner declined to vote because he didn’t feel the initial bidding process was “clean”. We are spending our tax dollars for a decision to be made.
I think it is time we start getting some accountability and answers to these questions. What really happened in 2013? Where does the current County Commissioner stand if the rezoning issue arises again?  What will he do when it comes time to vote again on the 911 communication issue and the same result is the Harris Corp. recommendation?
The rezoning John mentioned was tied to the proposed land swap at Nicholas Ball Park that would have potentially led to a new Walmart.

I'm not sure what he's complaining about. The deal is dead.

In regards to the E-911 board vote, yeah, Brad is going to be answering that one for a long time to come.

Anyhoo, send me your political/election stuff for publication consideration.

I'm out.

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rachel craig said...

Sounds like Ashley's been reading Victor Ashe.