Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Knoxville's Battlin' Madeline strikes back

Knoxville mayoral candidate Madeline "Mad Dog" Rogero has a press conference today at 3 p.m.

(it's probably going on about right now.)

She sent the Media a spin release, which she asked folks to embargo.

Until now.

So, here's Battlin' Madelin's prepared thoughts on the losing mayoral candidates endorsing her opponent Mark "Da' Plan" Padgett:
A few years ago, over at our County courthouse, a small group of political insiders tried to stage a coup, on a day we all know as “Black Wednesday.”

Earlier today, standing next to many of those same “Black Wednesday” insiders, my opponent put on a show that perfectly illustrates the contrast between us. He lined up a group of politicians and job-seekers on the steps of the County courthouse. Their appearance with him has almost nothing to do with who is the best choice for city mayor, and everything to do with the old-style insider politics of the County courthouse.

Sadly, my opponent’s stunt today has shown us that he is, in the end, a child of those same courthouse politics. But, Mark, let’s be clear: Though today is a Wednesday, there will never be a “Black Wednesday” here in our city.

We reject those politics. Our Knoxville conducts business in the open. His Knoxville makes deals in the back room. Our Knoxville takes humble pride in what all of us accomplish together. His Knoxville will arrogantly reserve power to the few. Our Knoxville looks forward to a bright future. His Knoxville wants to move backward to a dim past.

That Knoxville is over. Our Knoxville has already begun. Behind me is a great example of what enlightened and experienced leadership can accomplish.

For 30 years, the Three Rivers Market (TRM) operated out of a much smaller building on Broadway with limited parking as its sales revenue continued to grow, even during this recent recession. They desperately needed a larger location.

I proudly served as Bill Haslam’s Director of Community Development. Our department, working with the Partnership for Neighborhood Improvement, created the city’s business expansion revolving loan program that provided critical gap financing in the form of a business expansion loan. Working together, TRM was able to purchase this property and construct this beautiful building, making a $2.5 million investment in this community.

The result? Increased sales, and sales taxes, and a workforce that’s going to double.

My community development team also managed the city’s commercial fa├žade improvement loan program. Look up and down Central Avenue and you will also see millions of dollars of new investment spurred by our public-private partnership.

In fact, this program alone has invested $3.5 million in Knoxville, resulting in $11.9 million in private sector investment, 260 new jobs, and over 400 construction jobs.

The TRM success story is one we can repeat all over Knoxville in the next four years, one we will repeat. Because our Knoxville knows that a productive partnership between business and government is already woven into the city. In Mark’s Knoxville, it’s just being discovered.

Effective economic development with a solid return on investment has been happening here, and will keep happening here. It takes a Mayor with experience to make it work, and I’ve been working on it for over 25 years. He’s been reading about it for maybe nine months. Business-government cooperation is not something Knoxville needs to be schooled on by Mark Padgett.

I think the choice between us is clear.

I intend to continue what we were so successful at during Mayor Haslam’s administration: making Knoxville greater. We listened, and together with neighborhoods and businesses we created the Downtown North Redevelopment Plan that is transforming this area.

I have the experience. Together we put together the vision. And the results are right in front of you.

As Mayor, I will never stop working to build our city, help bring good jobs and businesses here, strengthen our neighborhoods and improve our quality of life. That is my promise to the people of our city.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Doesn't she know a lady isn't supposed to punch back?

BTW, TRM stands for Three Rivers Market, which is where the press conference was held.

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to hear more and more things about Padgett that raise serious questions about his character. Read the comments here.

What Lister is saying, I'm hearing the same thing--from more than a couple folks around town.

Anonymous said...

Rogero slandered four people that had nothing to do with BW. And then accused them of job shopping.

Someone's cannon just got loose.

Don't think that will play well for the gray hairs in West Knox.

Anonymous said...

Instead of punching back Madeline needs to start punching first. In fact, she should pull a sucker punch for a TKO.

Scott Barker said...

Harmon definitely was involved with Black Wednesday -- he was one of the commissioners, for god's sake. Jones was first appointed on Black Wednesday, so it's fair to say he was involved though he didn't violate the sunshine law (couldn't have - only a voting panel can).

Anonymous said...

And Padgett's daddy was definitely part of the "courthouse crowd."

Padgett shouldn't have gone near the courthouse and he shouldn't have had J.J. up there. I couldn't believe he was actually that stupid.

He threw Madeline a softball and she hit it out of the park.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and as for job-shopping - I've know Joe H. well for 15 years. I worked my fanny off on both his campaigns. I know him well. And I can't imagine one single reason he would endorse Padgett other than a job offer.

Anonymous said...

Wheee, it's Scott Barker. Honest Scott Barker.

Hey Scottie, what were the charges against Harmon? The same as Tony Norman? What were the charges?

Tell us about Harmon. C'mon, earn your keep.

Scott Barker said...

All of the commissioners, including Harmon, were accused of violating the sunshine law in making the Black Wednesday appointments. The jury found them guilty of violating the sunshine law by deliberating in secret prior to the meeting in all 12 appointments. They jury found them guilty of violating the sunshine law in two of the appointments for actions during the meeting (primarily during the recesses).

Anonymous said...

Ok Scott lets say you are right, no charges were brought against Ivan or Tony or several others for that fact, they where brought against Paul Pinkston and Scott Moore but only Scott Moore was found quilty. But who cares Madeline has Tony Norman supporting her from Black Wednesday and the Court house growd of Chad Tindell,Billy Stokes, Steve Hunley, Jack Huddleston(which is one that was appointed during Black Wednesday), Mark Harmon( Black Wednesday commissiner). More in her corner than in Marks from the good ole' boy club.

Scott Barker said...

You're a little confused. All the commissioners were guilty of violating the sunshine law. Pinkston and Moore were accused of committing perjury while testifying during the trial. Moore was found to have lied on the stand; Pinkston was cleared.

I'm not going to get involved in the whole argument over who's endorsing whom. I only posted to correct an error.

Anonymous said...

The judge said that commission violate the sunshine law that is true. There was meetings in the backrooms, all the commissioners were asked if there were discussions behind closed doors and all but two answered yes. You where there when the judge asked the questions and maybe he asked them individually if they made behind doors deals and maybe they said they did, I don't know I am so use to the Madeline pep rally from the KNS that I thought I would point out according to your theory that Madeline has more BW supporters and Good ole boys supporter than Mark. I don't think it is wise for her to attack him for his when she has more of her own.

Scott Barker said...

Listen, whoever you are. I don't have a theory about Black Wednesday supporters. I didn't bring it up. You (I'm assuming it was you) said the four people standing with Padgett had nothing to do with BW. I pointed out that Ivan did, indeed, have quite a bit to do with BW (a fact he freely admits to this day). And that it's not a stretch to say JJ did. That's it. Don't put words in my mouth.

Scott Barker said...

Oh, and it was a jury, not a judge, that found commissioners violated the law.

Anonymous said...

Scott don't get so defensive I said you were right. I was not in the backrooms when the deals were made. Ivan said he was a part of the BW but he also said that he did not make any deals, but I wasn't there in the rooms. I wasn't putting words in your mouth, was just saying I was not there and I assumed you were, sorry for assuming that. But Madeline was and did imply that all four got something out of their endorsement which is wrong and she owes them a appology for that. And as for BW she has more of the BW crew and good ole boys on her endorsement list than Mark does. Sorry if you get so mad when people post stuff in response to Madelines statement, just don't read them and you want have to defend her.

Anonymous said...

Barker schools Donila's commenters. Excellent.

JJ was Hutch's hand-picked Black Wednesday Darling. And we soon found out why -- he'd cut a deal to hire Hutch to do nothing at a big salary and keep him on until he vested in his $82,000@ pension.
Now JJ's hedging his own bets in case some citizen takes him to court over his right to run again. KPD and Chief Rausch, watch out! County politics coming straight atcha!!

Scott Barker said...

Again, I'm not defending her so, yes, you're putting words in my mouth. You can have whatever opinion about Rogero, Padgett or the price of tea in China that you want. Doesn't matter to me. All I was doing was pointing out your error of fact.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Ivan.
Ivan's a follower. Not smart enough to be anything but. He was a faithful Hutchison follower and he "benefited" from that association when JJ got involved in his campaign for mayor. Course it didn't work out all that well because the sheriff's not all that popular in the city. Now it seems that Padgett's no smarter than Ivan. Not good.

Anonymous said...

Ok Scott calm down I said you were correct. Ivan was on commission when the BW happened and all violated the sunshine law, Mark Harmon, Tank Strikland, Amy Broyles (appointed), Tony Norman, Ivan Harmon,Jack Huddleston (Appointment), Dave Wright (appointment), Diane Jordan, Tim Hutchinson, Mike Ragsdale, Graig Leuthold, Lumpy Lambert, J.J. Jones (appointment), Scott Moore, Paul Pinkston, R. Larry Smith and more behind the scenes. J.J. is a friend of Ivan's, but has had very little involvement in his campaign. Maybe we should checkout the endorsements of Madelines. Pam Strikland,Racheal Craig, Mark Harmon, Amy Broyles, Tony Norman,India Kincannon, Pam Trainer and on and on. Madeline has more BW and Good ole Boys network supporters than Mark does.

Scott said...

Oh, I'm pretty calm. I don't like it when people put words in my mouth, but that doesn't mean I'm all in a huff about it. I'd probably have to know you to summon up some anger, and you're just an anonymous poster on a blog - not exactly enough to elicit an emotional response from me. I'm just correcting the record.

You cast a wider net than I do when accusing people of violating the sunshine law. For example, Tim Hutchison didn't violate the sunshine law. He couldn't have. Like any other citizen, he could lobby commissioners for whatever he wanted. He wasn't a member of commission. In this instance, only commissioners could have violated the sunshine law. That doesn't mean he didn't have anything to do with BW, but it does mean he didn't violate any law. Same goes for JJ, Broyles, Bolus and any number of other people.

Voters certainly should look at the supporters of each candidate. That's part of being informed, and I'm all for voters educating themselves on the candidates.

Anonymous said...

Hey Barker, why are you defending slander? Rogero said Bo Bennett was in Black Wednesday and was job shopping by his endorsement. Bo Bennett didn't even live in Knoxville then. Bo didn't trade his endorsement. Why do you defend a liar?

Rogero showed she doesn't have the composure to be Mayor. Why don't you call a spade a spade Barker?

Scott Barker said...

You really need to work on your reading comprehension, Anonymous (hard to have respect for someone scared to use their name, but I'm trying). I haven't defended Rogero's comments at all.

That said, if you want to accuse Rogero of slander, you really should read her statement carefully and then read up on slander regarding public figures (yes, Bo is now a public figure). I suggest reading the U.S. Supreme Court decision in New York Times v. Sullivan.

Anonymous said...

Weasel words Barker. Did Rogero lie about Bo? Public figure or not.

Yes or no?

And you are defending her. Don't play us for stupid.

Scott Barker said...

Not weasel words, my good man (a weasel could be defined as someone who hides, as in behind anonymity). I wasn't commenting on Rogero's remarks, but on your assertion that Harmon had nothing to do with Black Wednesday. You admitted you were wrong (sort of), so my work here is done.

Anonymous said...

What Rogero did is classic courthouse stuff. Classic union organizer stuff. Classic community organizer stuff. Looks like some union money found its way to buy the local bird cage liner.

Scott Barker said...

Ha! That's about the funniest thing I've read in a long time. Thanks for tickling my funny bone. What was your name again?

Anonymous said...

I said you were correct and I was wrong about Ivan, he was on commission during this but he was not part of the making the deals he voted on the names brough forward, but the whole commission and everyone involved violated the sunshine law.

The last three anonymous post were not mine, I choose to stay anonymous for my own personal reasons.

Scott Barker said...

It's hard to tell when everyone posts as "Anonymous."

Anonymous said...

I post as anonymous cause this damn software keeps rejecting my google id.

Also, it makes me submit every comment twice before it'll post it.

Anonymous said...

Barker, you post anonymously in the bird cage liner. You better than everybody else? It's good enough for you, but only you.

Anonymous said...

Harmon demands apology from liar Rogero.

Best defense line so far:

Madeline didn't lie, Joe Hultquist needs a job.

Nice people.

Pam Strickland said...

Pam Strickland here. What and how does Anonymous want to check me out? I had nothing to do with Black Wednesday. I may have been commenting on knoxviews at the time, but really don't remember. It was long before I was writing for the newspaper. I have no other association with anyone involved. My endorsement of Rogero was strictly my independent decision.