Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Carter school plan clears another hurdle

Just got a spin release from Michael "Big Sexy" Grider, letting me know the obvious: County Mayor Tim Burchett has once again fist bumped Dean “The Emperor” Rice as the two celebrated another victory in their efforts to build the Carter community a new elementary school.

In a prepared statement, the mayor said:
“Now is the time to build a new elementary school for the children of Carter and their teachers, and we are closer than ever to seeing that it happens. I appreciate the Knox County Board of Education’s willingness to work with my administration to see that this project continues to move forward.

“One more step remains in this process before construction on the new school begins and the longtime promise of a new Carter Elementary becomes a reality. Next week, the IDB will vote on the legal documents associated with the development of a new Carter Elementary School. If the documents are approved, the Partners Development team could begin construction as early as next month.”
Expect a rubber stamp from the IDB.

And another fist bump.

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