Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ex-candidates, sheriff endorse Padgett

To the surprise of no one, the three Knoxville mayoral candidates who are not in the race anymore endorsed Mark Padgett. Also, thrown in the bunch was Sheriff Jimmy "The Man with the Badge" Jones.

The spin release is pretty funny. Actually, I'd like to say it's full of BS, but I don't know if I can. Oops.

And, no, I'm not reprinting the whole silliness here, but I'll let slide a few excerpts.

Ivan Harmon for example:
“I’m proud to endorse Mark’s candidacy to be Knoxville’s next city mayor,” said Ivan Harmon, former mayoral candidate, city councilman and county commissioner. “Mark is pro-business and pro-neighborhood. He has the heart and passion to serve our community, and he’s a fiscal conservative who understands how to create jobs and grow our economy.”
Funny. Immediately after the election, Ivan was complaining about the Republicans not voting for him. Oh well, it's politics. And it's all ridiculous. The fact is, Mark's dad - Mike - got Ivan into politics. (Ivan told me this the other day. I think he helped get him on the old city school board.)

Anyhoo, Ivan and Mark cut a deal. Just say it. Jeez.

And my boy Bo said:
“After getting to know Mark and his character, I'm supporting his candidacy because I believe he will serve all of Knoxville with a servants heart,” said Bo Bennett, 911 operator and former mayoral candidate. “Like me, Mark is not a career politician, and I think that's what we need to help bring our communities together and grow Knoxville.”
Uh, yeah, no kidding he's not a career politician. YET.

Now, the head scratcher is J.J.

He said:
“Mark has the leadership qualities needed to be a great mayor,” Knox County Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” Jones said. “He understands that an involved community is a safe community and will be a great partner in making our neighborhoods stronger and safer.”
The Sheriff's Office has to work with the city. Say, for example, it needs something - and Madeline Rogero wins the election - she might take her time dealing with it.

Personally, I would have stayed out of it. But, J.J. carries a gun, so I'll leave it be.

The election is Nov. 8.

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Anonymous said...

The Bennett deal was cut months ago too - Bo admitted it.

Probably Hultquist, too, but I can't confirm this. And BTW, Hultquist just lied through his teeth. He knows durn good and well that Padgett isn't the best person to run this city. Padgett had to have offered him something - maybe the southwaterfront job?

You going to the Rogero presser at 3?

Anonymous said...

lol it is fun to throw out accusations with no proof. Pretty unprofessional in my opinion. Rogero supporters are scared.

Anonymous said...

Rogero has three sets of bags under her eyes. If she can't handle Mark without having a meltdown how is she supposed to bring jobs here?