Tuesday, October 11, 2011

IDB signs off on Carter school proposal

It's not as fun posting the county administration's spin notices when Michael “Big Sexy” Grider is out of town. Hard to make fun of the silliness when it's not him sending them out.

Anyhoo, as expected the Industrial Development Board signed off on the Carter Elementary School proposal. From what I understand, the developer could break ground late this month or in early November.

Heather Simpson is sitting in for Big Sexy this week. Here's the spin release (no doubt written by Dean “The Emperor” Rice):
Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett’s proposed method for funding and building a new Carter Elementary School cleared its final legal hurdle today after the Industrial Development Board voted to approve the legal documents associated with the proposal.

After the vote, Mayor Burchett released the following statement:

“Finally, after years of waiting, a new elementary school is going to be built in the Carter community. I am honored to have been a part of this unique opportunity to see that this longtime promise to this community’s children, families and teachers is fulfilled.

“As we prepare for work to begin at the site of the new school, it is important that we remember that this success was a joint effort on behalf of the Carter community, my administration, the Knox County Schools, the Board of Education, the Knox County Commission, the Industrial Development Board and Partners Development. We would not have made it this far without all of us working together. Many people deserve to be singled out for their hard work, but School Board member Mike McMillan and Commissioner Dave Wright should especially be commended. Their support of a new Carter Elementary School never faltered.”


Anonymous said...

What will Tamara Sheperd do now?

Anonymous said...

More to the point, what will the communities around Shannondale, New Hopewell, Adrian Burnett, Fountain City and Maynard schools do and say? They are all in worse shape than Carter. Should they print up T-shirts and start hollering?

Anonymous said...

Haters gonna hate. This was about where Carter is and the conservative nature of the people there. Liberals are drenched in hate.