Tuesday, October 25, 2011

That other green-waste contract. Or not.

Ah, yes, that ol' pesky green-waste contract. Or is it contracts?

On Monday the commission in a 7-3 vote approved two deals – one with the NRRT (under a different name and, yeah, it was all legal) and another with Knox Ag Inc. Shamrock Organics Products.

I'm not going into the specifics of it. Here's the first story I wrote awhile back – click right smack here – about NRRT winning a county bid (along with the other company) and here's the commission work session story from Oct. 17 – click right smack here.

I figure this was a rubber stamp. Maybe a little showboating here and there.


It took an hour. The five-minute “now shut the heck up” clock is really just a decoration.

Anyhoo, you can read my boy Anthony's story over here. Yup. Click right smack here.

I think what's key here is that Randy Greaves – the Shamrock guy – got pretty upset at one point and said he was backing out if the NRRT folks were awarded part of the contract.

I don't know if that was neck-talking or not. County purchasing Director Hugh Holt told me this morning he had one of his minions email Greaves, asking whether he really wanted to rescind his proposal and not enter into a contract with the county. He'll need that sucker in writing.

So far, Greaves hasn't replied.

If I hear anything, I'll let you know.

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