Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Carter school shovel-fest set for Nov. 9

About the worst kept secret. Naw, there's worse, I suppose. Whatever.

The county, school people and whoever else wants to ride county Mayor Tim Burchett's coattails to the glory (or debacle, depending on how you view it) of building the Carter community a new elementary school will hold a groundbreaking for the facility at 3:15 p.m. on Nov. 9.

Man, that was a loooong sentence.

According to the Bat-map, developers will build the East Knox school on Strawberry Plains Pike between McCubbins Road and South Molly Bright Road.

I think.

The groundbreaking will feature Burchett and a bunch of folks who worked hard against his plan to build the school. Folks will more than likely line up, smile and stick shovels into the dirt. Someone will take a picture and then the folks who are in it will put it in a frame and hang it in their office along with the pictures they have of themselves shaking hands or posing next to someone not even remotely famous (but they think they are).

Did that make sense?

Then, a few will pat each other on the back as they look for the soft spot to stab.



Dan Andrews said...

wrong! they dont pose for pictures shaking hands...they pose for pictures fist pumping

Little Bird said...

"...hang it in their office along with the pictures they have of themselves shaking hands..."
So if Hunley delivers the victory the day before, the photo will include Jack Huddleston, Bud Armstrong, Indya Kincannon and Madeline Rogero.