Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dean Rice sues county, BOE. Sort of

By now you might have heard that Dean Rice has sued the county. Or that someone sued Dean Rice and the county.

Or whatever. (The rumor/story changes every five minutes.)

Well, it's true. But, we're not talking about the kinder, gentler emperor – the administration's chief of staff - Dean Rice.

No, it's 16-year-old Dean Rice, a student at Bearden High School, who is suing the county. (Or his mom is, anyway.)

So, for all the folks talking about it over at the Deathstar, you can stop now. It isn't your Dean.

For those interested in what happened, then read on.

Apparently, the young Rice was playing soccer last October at the school. Actually, he was on the sideline. The coach asked him to get in the game, and as he was pulling his jersey over his head (and as he was walking onto the field), another student creamed him.

I mean, this kid got messed up. Broken leg, busted arm, probably a busted head. So, his family is now suing the county and the board of education.

The lawsuit accuses the coach of all sorts of negligence, including “violating laws of the game of Soccer as established by the U.S. Soccer Federation as authorized by the International Football Association Board” . . . . blah, blah.

(Subliminal message: Soccer sucks by the way. Up there with there cricket, lacrosse and golf.)

Anyhoo, I'm not making light of the situation. Personally, I hope the county antes up, and pays for the medical bills. And, I hope the kid is OK.

In the meantime, you can click right smack here for an article about the real Dean Rice. If you see him, call Crimestoppers.


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Brian Paone said... "sucks", Mike?

The hell does a reporter know about soccer, anyway? I mean, let's face it - the profession isn't one that produces a lot of athletes. :-p

Hey, there's a great idea for a charity fundraiser - get you Shed folk onto the pitch and watch y'all try to get some exercise! I'd pay to see that! :-D