Friday, October 7, 2011

Harmon to Rogero: Say you're sorry

There’s quite a bit of energy and feistiness getting poured into this Knoxville mayoral campaign. Certainly, a lot more than you’d normally see in an election where only about four people are expected to vote.


Anyhoo, on Wednesday, Mark “Da Plan” Padgett called a spin conference to announce some endorsements. Later, opponent “Battlin’” Madeline Rogero – again playing the defensive role – called her own spin deal.

She also issued a spin release which you can find right smack here.

Truth be told, I didn’t read the thing. They’re all the same, but the names change. I just skim these things to make there’s no cuss words in them. Cause this is a family blog. And we don’t cuss, talk about beer or throw in sexual innuendos that my editors haven’t caught yet.

But, I digress.

Since I do read the comments here (entertaining stuff, particularly the things about Toby and Rikki kicking ass and drinking beer) I learned that Rogero threw out some Black Wednesday references.

So, this morning, “Metal Shed Hater” Brian Hornback sent me some spin from Ivan “Darn Straight I’m a Republican” Harmon, a former mayoral candidate.

You can find the note by clicking right smack here.

(Normally, I'd just reprint it here, but I'm having formatting troubles this morning and too lazy to work through them.)

Yeah, this is going to be a good race.



Dan Andrews said...

Brian needs a cooler nickname... sincerely "Rebel Journalist Ace Photographer Dan"....

Anonymous said...

Madeline should issue an apology to all for of these gentleman. The endorsements that she has of BW and good ole boy growd people out number Marks. Before she throws stone she should look in her own house.

Also do we want a Mayor that can't control her composure when something doesn't go her way. If she is elected I am affraid we will be back to the time not to long ago when certain people controlled every decision without input from the citizens that pay the bills.

Anonymous said...

Two things: 1) no way Ivan wrote that. It's way too literate (Hornback either). 2) Poor Ivan, the meanest things anybody ever said about him was to accuse him of participating in Black Wednesday. Oh yeah, he DID participate in BW.

BTW, does it interest anybody that the Padgett campaign is using Hornback as a shill?

Brian Hornback said...

Anonymous, you quote Rachel "Marshall is my boy" €#?^\ awfully well.

Anonymous said...

Padgett Campaign using Brian Hornback as a shill, are you crazy. What does Brian and Mark Padgett have to do with Ivan's press release?

Ivan is smarter than you know and for someone to make comments about Ivan and you don't even know him.

Ivan was on Commission when Black Wednesday happened and so was the following Madeline supporters;
Mark Harmon, Amy Broyles, Tank Strikland, Tony Norman and the Good Ole Club members in her corner,Greg Mckay, Steve Hunley, Eddie Mannis, Victor Ashe, India Kincannon, Pam Trainer, Gloria Deathridge, Betty "Burchett did not Hire Me" Bean, Racheal Craig,Billy Stokes, Chad Tindell.

Also when she ran against Bill Haslam and lost, she was hired by him a couple of months after he took office. Before she throws stones she should make sure that she doesn't live in a glass house

Mike Donila said...

I'm not going to weigh in on anything other than how I got the release.

This morning, as I was throwing empty beer cans off my back porch and into my neighbor's yard, I got an email from Brian.

He sent this to a bunch of people. most of whom appeared to be in the media.

I thought nothing of it, other than he was doing Ivan a solid and sending out his release. Brian has supported Ivan, since he's a Republican and, I assume, a friend.

I would do the same thing if one of my buds was running (or had run) for office.

I don't think Brian is necessarily supporting Mark (at least by sending out a release for Ivan.)

At least that's how I take it.

Brian Hornback said...

Ok, this is getting crazy (not you Donila) but yes I sent the email and first I get a snarky email question from Gorgiana Vines asking why I was sending this. Did Ben Farmer (the campaign manager for Ivan) ask me to do it. I replied to her.

Then I got word that Ivan was called out of a tree stand and did an interview with HHH on WOKI 98.7 FM early this morning owning the statement. Individual statements from Ivan and Liberal Madeline on the 98.7 newscast as late as 2 pm today.

I then got word that WBIR Channel 10 were asking questions. So as not to cause Ivan's cell phone to go off and cause Bambi not to get killed. I called Anthony Welsch and explained it is Ivan's statement and directed him to 98.7's newscast.

Here is the story, before Ivan went hunting he tasked a mutual friend of his and mine with sending the press release. This friend was having computer connectivity issues last night. I tried sending it before I left to go watch the Admirals dominate and won the Bearden Bullpups. I didn't get it done. So this morning as an act of kindness and friendship to two people (mine and Ivan's mutual friend and to Ivan) I sent the dad gum thing. It is that darn simple.

Now, Ivan is my friend. I don't want to taint him with my "rogue personality". I don't live in the City, however, I have lots of City readers of Shock And Awe. If Liberal Madeline and her people wants to make me part of the story, I challenge her to bring it on!

Hey, Donila the next time you have a beer tasting party, think of me. As long as it ain't in the Big Metal Shed on the Hill.

Anonymous said...

Brian already has a better nickname - you guys never heard of the "Truth Squat?"

Anonymous said...

Is Ivan completely computer illiterate? Why didn't he just send the thing out himself?

Or is the "mutual friend" connected to the Padgett campaign? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Anonymous said...

You don't know if Hornback's supporting Padgett? Surely you jest.
He's insinuated himself into the campaign and they're desperate enough to welcome him.
From the looks of the crowd he turned out at the courthouse the other day he doesn't cull many.

Brian Hornback said...

Yeah, I was there covering the press conference like everyone else in the media, I was NOT wearing a sticker. The crowd I got there included the gaseous rhetoric one and the smell of biased liberal Madeline was obvious from her direction.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was there covering the press conference like everyone else in the media

Everyone ELSE in the media?

I don't care who you are, that's funny!!