Monday, October 3, 2011

Is Harmon ready to endorse Padgett?

I typically don't blog these types of posts (did I use the words/verbs correctly?), but I feel pretty confident something is going on.

I'd try to verify it more, but I've got the day off and somehow I've managed to work anyway, and by the time you read this, we'll probably know much more.

Anyhoo, rambling here, I know.

But, I got a call this evening from a pretty reliable source. The person told me that Knoxville mayoral candidate Mark "The Plan" Padgett has asked the PBA for permission to use an area near the Deathstar to call a press conference for some time tomorrow (that would Oct. 4).

If I'm not mistaken, it was actually the steps of the Old County Courthouse. (But I don't remember.)

And apparently he's going to announce "a major endorsement."

So, the speculation at this point - that's Monday evening's speculation - is that Ivan "The Hunter" Harmon could be throwing his support to Mark Padgett.

I'm not exactly surprised, but still . . . .

It's fun to speculate. And I don't really care what anyone thinks about these blog posts and about anyone here speculating. (Which would be me doing the speculating. But I digress.)

Still, Padgett - even with Harmon's support - is going to have a tall hill to climb.

His opponent, "Battling" Madeline "Mad Dog" Rogero, scored more votes than he and Harmon combined. So, she's got that going for her. And of course, not all of Harmon's votes (whether he endorses her or Padgett) are going to Padgett.

Just like not all of Joe Hultquist's votes are going to Rogero as others have speculated. (I think some folks need reminding of that.) Personally, I think the people who voted for "Smoking" Joe will stay home.

On a side note, a number of folks are expecting about 20,000 to show up to the polls in November, so there's also those extra four or so thousand votes to consider.

Now, back to the beginning. I usually try to talk to a party or two before making a post, but I doubt I'm getting much at this point. So, if I'm wrong, then I'm wrong.

And I'll make it up to all of you by posting something really dumb next time.



Anonymous said...

I'd say Mike Chase would be the endorsement, he was one of Ivan "I'd try an hep smull bidness" Harmon's biggest boosters and loves playing politics within the City of Knoxville. The City of Knoxville has never done anything to help Chase out, usually they try and incovenience him. But a Harmon endorsement does as much damage as it does good (is Harmon looking for another gubmit job?).

Let's see what happens, but I'd look for some of Harmon's supporters to be courted rather quickly.

Mike Donila said...

good point.

Anonymous said...

Well, Ivan's not gonna endorse Madeline. OTOH, since he ran as the only 100% pure Republican in the race, I don't see how he endorse Padgett either (Padgett IS still calling himself a Democrat, right? I can't tell from what he says).

Anyway, a candidate making an political annoucement on government property? That sounds wrong, and if it's true, will probably bit Padgett in the posterior. Where's that crack PR team he's supposedly got wrt optics?

Anonymous said...

Pardon the typos in the last post. My fingers are evidently faster than my brain this evening.

Anonymous said...

Not all the folks who voted for Joe will stay home. Some of them will, and some of them will go for Padgett. But I know quite a few personally who will vote Madeline.

Anonymous said...

Endorsements from the H&H losers will hurt as much as help. People will wonder what they've been promised. And the notion that Ivan and Joe can deliver their voters is contrary to human experience.

Anonymous said...

Team Rogero seems worried. Wait until people learn about Madeline's crazy ideas about water usage. Housewives don't like to be told how much water they can use. Neither do businesses. When people find out how crazy Madeline's Green ideas are this race will become interesting. Padgett should just keep asking Madeline about what her Green ideas are. You won't believe how crazy she is. Everything from no watering the lawn to replacing grass with "native grasses", that means weeds, so they don't have to be mowed. Bring on the crazy.

Dan Andrews said...

well general rule of thumb you call a press conference of non-breaking news 24 hrs in advance so far nothing!

Anonymous said...

I've been following this race pretty closely, and while I'm not connected to any of the candidates I found the above comment about Rogero's views on watering and "native plants" odd.

Now I haven't read everything about the candidates, but I try to be an informed voter. I've never heard Rogero talk about these kinds of green issues or forcing these ideas on anyone. As a person who believes in property rights, I don't see why it's anyone's business how a person keeps their lawn, as long as it doesn't negatively affect my neighbors.

Also, I agree with for that matter with Rogero about saving my hard earned money by planting local, Tennessee plants that don't need a ton of water and fertilizer. If it's good enough for East Tennessee, it's good enough for me.

I am disappointed to see Harmon, a man with integrity, endorse a candidate with some serious character issues--or at least from what I've been told.

Mike Donila said...

I haven't heard about the plant thing, either. Not to say it isn't true. But wanting something and getting it by the city council are two different things

Anonymous said...

I'm puzzled at the references to Ivan's integrity. Are you new to town, or did you sleep through the years when Ivan was one of Hutchison's stooges? He also never met a developer whose water he wouldn't carry and he was a bought-and-paid-for Black Friday vote. His record on City Council wasn't anything to write home about, either. After Victor beat his butt, he folded right into the city pack, so much so that he got rewarded with a cushy city job that paid him well for doing nothing – Ethics, Schmethics.