Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Announcements, rumors for election

Long-time radio guy Bob Thomas has officially announced his candidacy for (other long-time radio guy) Mike Hammond’s at-large Knox County Commission seat. (Primaries set for next May with general in August.)

Bob worked at WIVK for 20 years, spending 16 of them as host of a midday radio show. You can read his fancy spin release, right smack here.

It should be pointed out that a number of folks are jumping in somewhat early. (Hammond by the way is not going to run for commission again.)

Commissioner Richard Briggs, as you might recall, announced his intentions to seek Stacy Campfield’s state Senate seat awhile ago. At the time, Briggs said he wanted to raise enough money to scare off any other candidates. Smart.

 There’s also rumors that former commissioner Michele Carringer will make a run at R. Larry Smith’s seat, as will someone else. (I’m drawing a blank on her name  - so if someone knows, shoot me an email – I just can’t remember.)

Also, my boy, Big Bad Bo Bennett, is rumored to want a seat, too. (Bo ran for the Knoxville mayoral seat.)

UPDATE: Michele is actually looking at an at-large seat, not Smith's spot.

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