Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Smith wants the commish chair seat

R. Larry Smith
Looks like Aaarrgh Larry Smith wants to be da Man.

After seven years on the Knox County Commission, he confirmed to me today that he wants to run the show, thus becoming the first on the 11-member body to publicly announcement his intentions to seek the chairmanship. 

“I’m not going to beat around the bush about it – the next year coming will be the last year I can serve on the commission, and if the other commissioners would like me to fill the spot, then I’d be honored,’ said Smith, who is term-limited from running again. 

Smith, a Republican who took office in September 2006, added: “I have no agenda that I’d like passed. I think I can conduct a meeting and keep everything fair between the citizens and the commissioners.”

He currently represents the 7th District, which includes Powell, Halls and Heiskell; and he also served on the Metropolitan Planning Commission prior to joining the board. (And of course there's all sorts of rumors that he'll run for all sorts of other elected offices. And that chairmanship position would look good doing it. Heh.)

The commissioner said he’ll spend the next several days talking to other board members about the position. Already, he’s scheduled a number of public meetings on Thursday, Friday and Monday with fellow members Sam McKenzie, Amy Broyles, Jeff Ownby, Brad Anders, Mike Hammond, Ed Shouse and Tony Norman.

You can read the whole bad a$$ story, right smack here.

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