Thursday, August 15, 2013

Commish not expected to fire Walls

The Knox County Commission will more than likely NOT fire the county's internal auditor, Richard Walls.

The commission was expected to talk about the Audit Committee's recommendation to terminate Walls during its work session on Monday. However, board Chairman Tony Norman said they removed the matter from the agenda.

Instead, he said, the board will talk about offering Walls a deal which officials (the law department) have worked out with the auditor. Norman declined to talk about the details (this was at Walls' request), saying officials would make them public during Monday's hearing.

My guess is that they'll give him a severance package to walk away. Now, that said, they better not call it a severance package. Cause, you know, Knox County Mayor Tim "Cheapskate" Burchett doesn't like severances.

Call it a buyout or something.

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