Thursday, August 29, 2013

'Somebody' to help Thomas campaign

I got a kick out this. It's something we all do, so I can't laugh too hard, but I did chuckle.

The other day Bob Thomas, local radio guy, announced his intentions to seek the at-large seat on the Knox County Commission currently held by Mike Hammond (another radio guy who is term-limited).

In his release, Thomas made a big deal that Janet Testerman will serve as his campaign treasurer. He noted that Janet is also the daughter of Kyle Testerman who served as Knoxville's mayor from 1972-76 and 1984-88.

So, head on over to Thomas' campaign website, click right smack here for that bad boy. Now, hit the "contribute" button, and you'll see the big form you need to fill out in order to donate some coin to the Thomas campaign.

So, click on that sucker, and tell me again who the campaign treasurer is, again? Heh. I'm sure this will get fixed shortly, but until then, here’s the pic of “somebody.”

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