Monday, February 3, 2014

All District 6 BOE forms now filed

Little bit of an update for the District 6 school board seat.

As noted earlier, candidate Tamara Shepherd initially missed the Friday deadline (which actually came as a surprise to me, but anyhoo) to file her campaign financial disclosure form. But today, she sent a note, saying “it was a long story” and the paperwork has since been filed.

Well, that does in fact seem to be the case. You can find her report right smack here. Shepherd raised $3,900, including a $500 loan to herself and spent nothing so far.

At this point, that puts her in second place behind Terry Hill, who has raised $10,650, although it looks like $6,000 of that is loans to herself. (She’s also spent $1,100.)

The third challenger to the title, Bradley Buchanan, has raised $400 (including a $200 loan) and spent $25.

The county primary is set for May with an August general election.

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