Friday, February 14, 2014

Hennen opts out of District 6 BOE race, supports candidate Shepherd

Got this late last night from Ronald Hennen, a local teacher who picked up a nominating petition to run for the 6th District School Board post. Hennen, who hadn’t returned the petition, said he’s not going to run for the seat and instead will throw his support behind candidate Tamara Shepherd.

Here’s what he had to say:
I entered 2014 District 6 School Board Election because I have a strong passion for education. I have been a teacher for ten years and I want to make a difference in the community I live in and provide an education to support the learning needs of all students. 

I am very thankful for the relationships that I have made in this process and the individuals that have supported me along the way. Even though I did not turn in my petition form, I believe this may serve as a catalyst for future endeavors as I continue to further my personal education. 

I wish each candidate much success in their campaign efforts. Looking forward I believe that Tamara Shepherd will be the best candidate to fill the District 6 School Board position. 

With Mrs. Shepherd's knowledge on the relevant issues that pertain to our district, teachers, and students, her ability to ask the tough questions, and the amount of time she has spent volunteering and focusing on the surrounding community, I believe Tamara Shepherd is the right candidate for the District Six Knox County School Board of Education position.
The BOE races are non-partisan. The primary is set for May with an August general election. The top two vote-getters (provided no one gets 50 plus one) move on to the general.

In addition to Shepherd, Bradley Buchanan, Terry Hill and Sandra Rowcliffe are running for the seat.

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