Thursday, February 27, 2014

BOE candidate Bounds to continue campaigning; backed by Vaughn

Not a whole lot of substance but here’s a statement from Patti Lou Bounds who is your new District 7 Board of Education member as of Sept. 1.

“I didn’t foresee Mr. Smith withdrawing from the race but we will continue the campaign as it started and that is to reach out to the residents of the 7th District, identify their concerns, and make the educational experience the best possible for the parents, children, teachers and the administration. After all, the children are our future.”

I should note that the statement came from Bill Vaughn, a long-time political operative for the John Duncan family. (He is managing her campaign.) And while, I’m not sure what interest the Duncans would have in the school board races, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t mind putting the ol’ screws to R. Larry.

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