Friday, February 7, 2014

School system turns over salary list

Yesterday, I noted that the County Commission and BOE are asking for a list of everyone in the two systems who makes more than $100K in folding paper. You can find that entry right smack here.

At the time, only the county had obliged. But this afternoon, the good people from the schools came through. So, here is the list for those school folks making more than $100K and - hey, why not - here's the salaries for those in the central office.

The county's got about 2,000 or so people, counting the fee offices, executive branch and sheriff's office. I don't recall what the school system has. I ask all the time, but, frankly, I never remember. I think it's about 5,500 employees (obviously most are teachers) but I could be off.

The commission and BOE will begin a short retreat tonight - and, no, taxpayers aren't picking up the bill from what I understand - and part of tomorrow in Maryville. Tune in to the awesomeness of WBIR 10News for the objective story.

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