Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hawkins to run for Trustee's seat

Got a note today from Barry Hawkins, a Republican, who said he’s going to run for the Knox County Trustee’s seat.

According to his release, he has “a clear understanding of the waste and tax burdens placed on the citizens of Knox County.”

“As a husband and father of three young children he knows that every penny counts in today’s economy,” the release continues.

Hawkins, who worked in the Trustee’s Office for 17 years, said the department is “overstaffed by 50 percent and costing tax payers millions of dollars that should be used for schools and public safety programs instead of funding political agendas.”

As always, send over your political stuff as silly season has begun.

Hawkins is expected to face incumbent and interim Trustee Craig Leuthold and Commissioner Ed Shouse in the May primary. The winner will go on to the August general election to face Democrat James Berrier.

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