Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Some Twitter 'rules' for candidates

Cari Gervin has a hilarious primer on the etiquettes of using Twitter, particularly when running a campaign. And yes, a bunch of you need to learn how.

Click right smack here to read.

In the meantime, the mean one says:
  • Don’t link to something on Facebook with no content.
  • Don’t post Facebook status updates automatically to Twitter if they are more than 140 characters.
  • Don’t retweet yourself. Seriously. It’s dumb. She explains why.           
  • Don’t  retweet every person who mentions you!
  • Do be consistent in you how you refer to yourself. Particularly lame is when you refer to yourself in the third person.
  • Do understand how Twitter functions.
Anyhoo, those are Gerwin’s suggestions, but, really, you should read the piece. The examples – yes they’re real screenshots – alone are worth it.

By the way, there's some serious irony with Cari writing about what to do and not do on Twitter, but I digress.


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