Thursday, October 15, 2015

KCS looking at possible change from block to traditional schedules

I'm thinking one of the next big KCS things coming up (other than the superintendent's evaluation) is a discussion centered around whether to move Knox County high school classes from a block schedule to a traditional schedule.

Some officials say the move would save millions - possibly between $6 million and $10 million - through teacher layoffs and attrition during the course of several years.

There's obviously pros and cons with each. I'm thinking for teachers, it means they're going to be up later at night and working longer hours (they really don't get their summers off, so quit with that BS) because they'll be planning for eight classes rather than four.

But, it's probably a better move for students.

For example, think about math, a subject that compounds learning strategies and formulas as you continue to move higher. A student taking a course first semester sophomore year might not take it again until second semester junior year. That's a long time, whereas the traditional schedule would give you a healthy dose of it, something that would lessen the chances a student forgets the subject.

Or not.

Also, and this was explained to me awhile back but I wasn't really paying attention, but apparently block schedules give students second changes to pass classes or something. Anyway, it's all tied into scores or graduation or something that a student apparently won't get under the traditional schedule. If true, that alone should scare some folks that want to see the student graduation percentages increase.

That said, the proposal to change schedules comes from the Parthenon Group, which has caught heck from quite a few folks. Expect that to come into play.

Anyhoo, The school board is expected to start discussing the matter during its Monday meeting.


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