Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sanger to get opponent in BOE bid

Well, it looks like 2nd District Board of Education incumbent Tracie Sanger will have some competition in her re-election bid.

Jennifer Owen, a former Dogwood Elementary School music teacher, has picked up the qualifying papers to run for the seat.

She'll still need to secure 25 signatures from those registered to vote in the district.

The deadline to qualify for the March 2016 election is noon Dec. 10.

Sanger last year ran what local political experts say was the most expensive BOE race in Knox County history - raising and spending a whopping $57,200 for a partial term seat.

Sanger’s race was to fill Indya Kinannon’s term.

Kincannon, who ran unopposed for the seat a few years earlier, raised a meager $1,900.

Sanger's opponent Jamie Rowe raised $17,765, although half of her receipts were from a personal loan; and a third candidate, Charlotte Dorsey, loaned herself $5,500 and spent about $3,580.

The total spent for a two-year seat that pays roughly $21,500 a year? Almost $80,000.

Broken down by ballots cast, Sanger essentially spent about $12.34 for each vote in her name. 

Now, I don't know if Sanger will get that much money this time around, but I'm pretty sure this race isn't going to be cheap, and KCS Superintendent Jim McIntyre will again be the focus.

Sanger is considered an advocate for the administration. Owens is not. 

For more on who has picked up and turned in qualifying papers, click RIGHT HERE.

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