Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Next Ed & Bob Night Out on Nov. 16

These guys are gonna run out of restaurants.

Knox County At-Large Commissioners Ed Brantley and Bob Thomas are headed out to the Halls area for their next Ed & Bob Night Out in Knox County.

Ed and Bob will be at E. B.'s Eats & Treats, 4620 Mill Branch Lane, Wednesday, November 16th from 5p to 7p to meet the people of north Knox County and listen to their concerns.

The two feel that going out to the citizens eases the strain on those who, because of work, commitments, financial situation or the distance to the City-County Building, cannot attend regular commission meetings.

All elected officials, media and public are welcome to attend. This is not a commission meeting. There is no agenda. There will be no votes taken; however, it is obvious where's there are "Eats & Treats" and Ed and Bob will be eating them!

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