Friday, November 25, 2016

Three essentials: healthcare, food and education focus of 'Inside Tn'

Stan Brock
It’s typically a political and public affairs program, but this Sunday’s edition of “Inside Tennessee” focuses on three charities in East Tennessee and three basics of life: healthcare, food, and education.

WBIR 10News anchor and the show’s moderator, John Becker, calls it perhaps the “most revealing” edition of “Inside Tennessee” this year.

“We cut to the core of the need across our community for the very basics of survival,” he said. “It is hard to overstate the influence these three charities have had on improving the lives of people across East Tennessee. I think our viewers will appreciate the challenges ahead and will be interested in the role Washington politics may play in shaping their future.”

The guests include Stan Brock, the founder of Remote Area Medical; Elaine Streno, executive director of Second Harvest Food Bank; and Emmette Thompson, the executive director for Mission of Hope.

“(We) want to offer a glimpse into the lives of people on the frontline of topics that often take a political turn,” Becker said. “We spend some time talking about the influence of the November election and what they’re expecting in the coming Trump administration.”

For example, Becker noted, Brock offers his take on the one change lawmakers in Washington, D.C. could make the would open up more people to dental and vision care across the country.

Sunday’s guests will answer the question: Are we better off now than we were a decade ago when it comes to meeting the basic needs of people in healthcare, food, and education.

They’ll also talk about their biggest challenges ahead.

“We hope viewers learn a bit more about these homegrown operations, the influence they have on our community, and why they do what they do,” Becker said.

The 30-minute program, which was taped Wednesday, kicks off at 9:30 a.m. Sunday on WBIR 10News.

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