Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Burchett spin meetings for this month

You can click right smack here if you want to read Michael “Big Sexy” Grider's latest spin release about what county Mayor Tim Burchett is up to this month.

Or you can continue reading the next few sentences while I make fun of it.

Because I'm mature that way.

Sooooo, the mayor is hosting these spin conferences where he meet with the one or two people in the public who bother to show up at these things; nods his head,;does a few fist bumps; then has Dean “The Emperor” Rice buy him lunch. Or dinner.

Or something like that.

The first meeting is set for this Thursday. The mayor picked an easy one – the Carter Senior Center. Not like anyone out there is going to complain. The administration did, however, push the schedule to 2:30 p.m.

Then he's got meetings set for next Monday and Nov. 17.

But, the boys on the sixth floor of the Deathstar canceled the Nov. 22 meeting at the Halls Branch Library.

Probably had something to do with Thanksgiving.

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