Monday, November 21, 2011

Commission passes Briggs Hillside plan

The Knox County Commission tonight approved the Richard Briggs Hillside and Ridgetop Protection Plan. (Or at least seven of them did.)

If you're confused, don't feel bad. That was one cluster-F of a meeting that was made worse because of all the hijacking that went on earlier in order to delay the meeting as late in the day as possible. (Hit me up on Twitter to see what I'm talking about. I'm about to get something to eat right now, so I'm too tired to bother with it.)

Anyhoo, a lot of folks want to know just what the Briggs amendment is.

Soooo, here ya go (and yeah, I'm typing this myself cause I love ya):
This plan and the principals, objectives, policies and guidelines included herein are advisory in nature and constitute non-binding recommendations for consideration in connection with development of steeply sloped areas. While this plan is being adopted as an amendment to the Knoxville-Knox County General Plan 2033, it is intended to provide background and supplemental information of an advisory nature and to serve as a guide to future MPC staff recommendations, but it not intended to form an official part of the General Plan which would be binding on future land use decisions by City Council, County Commission, MPC, the City or County Boards of Zoning Appeals pursuant to T.C.A 13-3-304. Any comparable provisions of the Knoxville-Knox County General Plan 2033 or any Sector Plan which relate to hillside and ridgetop protection shall also be considered advisory consistent with this plan.


rachel craig said...

That first sentence is as innocuous as Briggs made it sound.

The rest of it gives me the willies. If I were still on MPC, I'd be calling Steve Wise in the morning.

rachel craig said...

BTW, consideration of the plan was moved to the end of the meeting to allow as many folks as possible who wanted to be there to get there.

Nothing particularly nefarious.

Mike Donila said...

Yes, but it was silly and obvious how they stalled.