Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tax increase on retreat meeting table?

So, the county commission and school board plan to hold a retreat.

“Roll up the sleeves and get down to business,” they say.


Not sure how they're going to do that with a facilitator. A referee, maybe.

Anyhoo, did you check out the 5-4 school board vote last night to not outsource custodial services?

Right or wrong, you better believe that county mayor's office isn't going to be pleased about that one.

It was the one chance to offer an olive branch to the administration – the people who actually create the budget. And they need to offer up something. Considering they're facing a $7 million deficit in next year's budget.

So, don't think that raising taxes won't be discussed when the two boards meet in January.

Unless, of course, the folks who voted against outsourcing have a better way to make up the difference.

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