Monday, November 7, 2011

New members set to join ethics panel

OK, looks like the Knox County Ethics Committee is about to get three new members. County Mayor Tim Burchett has picked Raj Patel to serve as a “citizen member” and the commission is set to reappoint Commissioner Richard “The Good Doctor” Briggs.

(I'm waiting to hear back on the mayor's pick.)

In addition, the commission will pick its own “citizen member.” The board hold interviews on Monday at the local Deathstar. No, you can't apply. It's too late.

Five others beat you to it.

Here are their resumes.

We've got Ashlee Brown, a customer service representative at First Tennessee Bank; Cindy Russell Clabough, who worked in the sheet metal industry and did some volunteer work for the American Red Cross Knoxville Area Chapter; Steve Drevik (ran for County Commission in 2008 and the president of Agilaire); Chad Fontanarosa, a manager at Universal Hospital Services; and Chuck “Serving the Community” Williams, who served in the U.S. Navy, worked for the U.S. Postal Services and – if I'm not mistaken – ran for a state senate seat last year.

There ya go.

Probably doesn't matter who serves. The board is pretty much a paper tiger, anyway.

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Brian Hornback said...

I support Chuck Williams. Oppose Steve Drevik. The others I do not know. I know Chuck and Steve and that is how I see it.