Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Padgett, Rogero: Is there any money left?

Knoxville mayoral candidates Mark "Where's the Plan, Man" Padgett and "Battling" Madeline "Mad Dog" Rogero have now officially raised enough money to pay off the national debt.

Unfortunately, the two - who have raised somewhere in the vicinity of $80 trillion - are going to use it to make you all suffer through more silly, mundane, whatever television advertisements. At least until next Tuesday.

And then it's over. God, I hope. Maybe the loser will spend his/her remaining coin to track down the person who sent out the hate mail letter. Didn't Padgett say somewhere he wanted to team up and find the person(s) responsible?

(I'd go look out on the golf course. Heh.)

Anyhoo, rambling here. Don't care. (And yeah, I made up that crap about $80 trillion. It's more like $2 billion.)

Rogero raised $123,260 for the month of October. Padgett raised $95,295.

(By the way, do not read anything into this post as to who I think, care or want to win based on whether I put Rogero's name first or Padgett's. I heard some jack-leg the other day talking about how reporters do that. I'm voting for myself. Or Michael Grider.)


Anonymous said...

It would be nice if you'd point out that Padgett's last 5 or 6 mailers (I forget cause there's so darn many of them) have been progessively nasty. I hear there's a negative tv commercial in the works, but I could be wrong about that.

Anyhow, Rogero has yet to send out a negative piece or do a negative commercial.

Anonymous said...

Yep, all I get is this junk from Padgett everyday. Why doesn't he talk about his qualifications, instead of trashing his opponent. For those of us who remember when Haslam ran against Rogero, I don't remember Haslam sending out this same junk. For someone who tries to sell himself as the next Haslam, he is doing everything that Haslam didn't. I couldn't see myself voting for him now or in the future. Too bad, because he had some good ideas in the beginning. But, I don't want to see the same negative mail everyday. More waste I got to take care of. Disappointing to say the least.

Anonymous said...

It is not negative if you are pointing someones record out. She has raised taxes 5 times, she did vote for a raise of 24% and she did vote for a 40 thousand dollar slush fund. Is any of this not true? If it is true then it is not negative it is just stating facts.

He has released his plan and has talked about his plan everyday since its release, the only thing she has talked about is she worked for Haslam. She want even admit to being being the Co-Chair of the Energy taskforce that wants to impose a Stormwater runoff tax on the citizens of Knoxville which will include the Non-profits, Churches, business. City website page 51 and 52. She will tax us more and she has yet to put out a plan of her own.

Anonymous said...

The last mailer with the sad family was a hoot. I actually laughed out loud when I saw it.

Madeline Rogero makes us haz a sad.

Ridiculous. And desperate.

As for Padgett, we could talk about his business's record (which MP does a pretty good job with in this week's edition), but you won't see a nasty mailer from Rogero on it. She doesn't work like that.

Anonymous said...

Mike, remember the talk about the Rain Tax and how Madeline Rogero said she knew nothing about it?

Turns out she wasn't honest with the people or the media. For four years she had planned for the Rain Tax as Co-Chair of the city's Energy and Sustainability Work Plan. Then in the Metro Pulse she said she would implement the city's Energy and Sustainability Work Plan.

So now the largest tax increase in city history is coming, and your paper hasn't reported one thing about it?

What is up with that?

Anyone going to fact check this?