Friday, November 4, 2011

Padgett releases two spin jobs today

Knoxville mayoral candidate Mark Padgett has a spin release for everything. He sent me on the other day about taking a whizz.

Kidding. But, he might have, if he'd thought about it.

Or not.

Anyhoo, in today's spin job, the campaign says that opponent “Madeline Rogero's new TV commercial (“Believe”) hides her public record of raising taxes, raising her own pay and creating a politician slush fund.”

Well, no kidding. Her commercial also didn't say she was arrested for being a hippie and that she drinks firewater for breakfast.

I mean, WTH is the relevance?

Padgett's commercials don't say that his business experience consists of creating only five jobs. Or that he drinks rubbing alcohol for breakfast. (Hey, that's a rumor I heard. It must be true. Yeah, someone told me it. Whatever.)

But, why would they?

Still, Padgett again talks about how Rogero voted on “five” tax increases. He might want to check that one. And how she voted to use taxpayer dollars to “fill up a slush fund for Knox County politicians . . . .”

You know what? It's not even worth going into. The Metro Pulse already explained the details this crap. Click right smack here for what the hell raisin' hippies (is that an oxymoron?) had to say.

This race sickens me. BOTH sides annoy me. It's one big freakin' cliché.

And I can't wait until it's over. (Write in my name for mayor.)

In the meantime, another spin job has just come in – that's two from the camp today – and it says that Padgett plans to campaign 24 hours “around the clock” before election day.

So? Just do it. Don't brag about it.

What's he going to do in the middle of the night? Go tent-to-tent through the homeless camps?

I told you he had a spin release for everything.



Anonymous said...

You wouldn't be sickened if Padgett wasn't trying to drain his accounts before the woodshed action he is going to get next tuesday. Prediction? 65 to 35. Landslide. He'll concede by 8PM. Tony Coppola will be on the 540AM Delta flight on Wednesday. You won't have to be sick anymore.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Rogero's new commercial proves that Padgett telling the truth about Rogero's record is having some effect. If it was not true, or she was not worried about it, she would not have done a last minute add, trying to slam Padgett for "half truths". Especially when she can't, no matter how much she tries, distance herself from her actual record as County Commissioner.

Anonymous said...


You may want to check her voting record. She did vote five times to raise Taxes. Four times to raise Property Taxes, and the fifth time was for the Community Fund,(Padgett refers to this as the Slush Fund), that Schumpert vetoed.

Anonymous said...

anonymous2 - you missed the entire pt of Madeline's commercial. She's trying to contrast Padgett's negative campaigning style to her postive style.

BTW, Padgett didn't put out a spin release about lying to the FOP. Wow, that must mean they can't even think up a way to spin it.

Mike Donila said...

I know she voted to raise taxes. That's true.

But, that's not necessarily my beef in this post.

I just think it's silly for Padgett to expect his opponent to talk about every issue and bring up every fact - especially something that's damning.

I don't expect Padgett to point out his own weaknesses in his TV ads.

Anonymous said...


You said in your piece above-"Still, Padgett again talks about how Rogero voted on “five” tax increases. He might want to check that one."

He did check that one, and so did your paper, when they reported on each and every one of those votes, when they happened, while she was on Commission.

Rogero has consistantly hit Padgett for his claimed lack of experience. Padgett certainly has the right to talk about Rogero's record as well.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It's funny, Mark keeps asking for her to explain the votes. She has several times. Does he not read or watch TV? He was even there on TV whith here when she explained it. What gives? At one time I thought I could back Padgett if it was anybody except Madeline. Now he has burned his bridge with me. He will never ever get my vote.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure which Mark you are talking about, because I have seen them debate three times, and heard them on the Radio twice, since the Primary, and Padgett NEVER asked her to explain her Votes. He simply shared with the Public her history of voting to Raise Taxes.

She can explain it all she wants, but it does not change the way she Voted. And BTW, on each and every one of those Votes, there were other commissioners that Voted NO. Madeline Rogero could have done the same.

Anonymous said...

Madeline Rogero said in Metro Pulse, "As mayor, I will implement the Energy and Sustainability Plan produced this past year by Mayor Haslam’s Energy and Sustainability Task Force, which I co-chaired."

This September 7th interview can be found at the Metro Pulse website.

The Energy and Sustainability Plan mentioned by Madeline Rogero has a new fee called the stormwater utility fee. It is a fee charged for the rain that falls on your property.

From a comment in the KNS that wasn't deleted.

Why has that scared Rogero supporters silly? All the FOP stuff kicked up after it was learned that Rogero lied about the stormwater utility fee. The Rogero supporters are so obsessed that they comment 80 times on Mike's blog. Unheard of. Now they accuse the KNS of censoring Mike Donila?

These are the same people that wrote the infamous "Republican Letter" and blamed it on Padgett.

Dirty tricks. Rogero supporters have them. Why so afraid? Doesn't the truth clear the air?

How about equal time Mike? Rogero lied about the stormwater utility fee. You do plan to acknowledge that don't you? Or is it just a one way street here at the Porch?

Anonymous said...

What gets me is that Padgett is so hung up on the potential for Rogero to "raise taxes" in the first place. Has he forgotten that he is campaigning in Knoxville, where residents pay double what Knox Countians pay? If Knoxvillians were so attuned to that being the NUMBER ONE reason to vote for someone, they would probably have bought a house in the county, not the city. Besides, our taxes are so incredibly low, I would be willing to suffer a little bump to plant (and maintain) a few more street trees or raise the water quality around here.

Anonymous said...

"I would be willing to suffer a little bump to plant (and maintain) a few more street trees or raise the water quality around here."


Go fly a kite Madeline. We know you love higher taxes, the rest of us, not very much.

Brian Paone said...

Damn shame Bill Lyons didn't run. Or Dan Brown.

AlanS said...

Damn shame Brian Paone didn’t run. He would be a better choice than either one of the two running. One is young and stupid and the other is cookie cutter progressive educated, misdirected and stupid. Either way, the city is headed for the Dark Age.

Mike Donila said...

"How about equal time Mike? Rogero lied about the stormwater utility fee. You do plan to acknowledge that don't you? Or is it just a one way street here at the Porch?"

Uh did you actually read the post? Yeah, didn't think so. Had a whole section dedicated to the "rain" tax. In fact I not only linked to Padgett's spin job about it, I also linked to Hornback who has covered it more than I have. No reason to repeat it here when I can link.

Plus, I don't think it's happening. And if it does, then I have Rogero on record as saying it doesn't. And that will be a fun blog post.

To the person who said it's a shame Paone didn't run.

Hell, yeah, I would have voted for him.

AlanS said...

You are old enough to vote?

(smiley face here)

Anonymous said...

What has amazed me throughout this race is that Padgett spends 90% of his effort attacking Rogero, whereas Rogero spends 90% of her time talking about her experience and qualifications.

Supporters can yap at each other all they want, but in my mind Padgett at 33, who supported every liberal who ever ran in Knox Co. (including Harold Ford Jr.) and has all the old courthouse crowd surrounding his campaign, is way more of a risk than Rogero. The Republicans Padgett has around him are stupid sheep if they think Padgett is some sort of conservative Democrat. He has NO record to prove anything, just a bunch of campaign promises that he talks little about (he's too busy bashing Rogero).

I don't trust Padgett. I hope Madeline Rogero is Knoxville's first female mayor. It's time.

Anonymous said...

Mike Donila said...

Like that actually bothers me. I had it on my facebook page at one point.