Tuesday, November 29, 2011

County might send residents to 'college'

Who knew commissioners actually brought something back when they attended those National Association of Counties (NACo) meetings?

OK, kidding. No, not really.

Anyhoo, county Commission Chairman Mike Hammond wants to implement a “Citizens' College” for local residents to learn about county government. (Yes, I know education isn't exactly a priority for many, but still . . . .)

Under the proposal, which he heard about at one of the conferences, commissioners select two people and the mayor's office picks three. They all meet up, hang out, drink beer, whatever, at a day long session over at the Deathstar.

Good stuff. And this time I'm not kidding.

The “college” give residents input into just how local government, and each branch, works. And a lot of people (just check out the KNS message boards) have no clue.

A session, for example, might include a presentation from the law director about ordinances; or the mayor about what he's responsible for; or a commissioner about monthly meeting agendas.

County Law Director Joe Jarret said he was involved in a number of these academies when he worked in Florida. Here's a copy of the plan that Polk County did. It includes reasons why someone would want to participate. Click right smack here for it.

And go get educated. (If the commission follows through with the idea.)

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Brian Paone said...

Fantastic idea! The only problem I see with it is that absolutely no one that needs the damned class will show up for it.

Maybe going through such a course should be mandatory for prospective voters...