Thursday, November 8, 2012

Broyles misses meeting, becomes chair

Forgot about this little tidbit. Must have been hanging with Diane Sawyer. Heh.

Anyhoo, The Knox County Commission has a sub-panel called the insolvency board, which is comprised of commissioners Dave Wright, Sam McKenzie, R. Larry Smith and Amy Broyles.

Now the board has been trying to meet for weeks, but had to cancel a number of times because it couldn't get a quorum. On Monday, everyone but Broyles finally made it to a meeting. It was at that time, the panel voted in Broyles to serve as its chair, if only because the other members chaired (can you use that word as a verb?) other committees.

So, the three vote her in, and she's not there. (I'm not even sure if she knows that she's in charge yet.)

Then they go ahead and conduct a meeting that she is now supposed to run. I'm sure there is some sort of Roberts Rules violations, but, you know, Knox County and all.

In the meantime, I overhear one of the attorneys in the law director's office tell a commissioner that only the Rules Committee is the only sub-panel of the Commission that has named a chair. (There's been some confusion about this for awhile.)

So, if that's the case, did they have to vote in Broyles? And was the business conducted during the meeting legit, since she wasn't there to oversee it?


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Brian Paone said...

Yes, "chaired" can be used as a verb.