Friday, November 2, 2012

County cuts 'I voted' stickers

I think it was just after I voted during the August primary that I realized: What the deuce, man! Where are the “I voted” stickers?

The good folks at ballot boxes didn't know, so I made a mental note to call top dog elections guy Cliff Rodgers. And . . . then I promptly forgot.

Soooo, earlier today I'm twittin' on Twitter and up pops a blip from the Metro Pulse.

Yes, the pulse people, more than likely it was Cari “Mean” Gervin, asked Rodgers about the stickers, or lack thereof.

Rodgers told the paper that not providing them would save the county $1,512 (including shipping) for the presidential election. He noted that the money would be used to pay 25 election officials to attend a four-hour polling place operations training class.

“Simply put, I'd rather spend money on training election officials than congratulatory stickers,” he said.

(Man, and I though Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett was cheap.)

I somewhat agree with Rodgers. But, is it not the election commission's job (at least on the periphery) to encourage/promote voting? Stickers are a great advertisement and reminder.

Anyhoo, Rodgers said “reasonable people” can disagree with him. Heh.

Click right smack here for the original story.


Brian Paone said...

Screw that. Can I go buy a roll and leave it at my precinct? The missus was actually looking forward to getting one of those stickers.

Besides, if we spend $1,512 on this, it's $1,512 less the county can lose, misappropriate, or just plain spend on lobster, right?

(I still want one that says "I Voted 14 Times". The race for the 13th House seat has been exceptionally classy.)

Mike Donila said...

Ha ha ha. I'm with you on that notion.