Friday, November 9, 2012

Ethics panel reappoints officers

Knox County's Ethics Committee met this morning, mostly to elect new officers. Not a whole lot here, other than one small note of (sort of) humor.

This isn't exactly a talkative group, so when the panel sought nominations from its members there were quite a few bumps on the ol' logs up there on the dais. Finally Richard Bell nominated Elaine Davis for reappointment to the chair seat. That quickly passed 6-0.

Davis then asked about the vice chair seat. She was met with chirping crickets. Finally, she nominated Karen Smith to serve. Smith, by the way, was not at the meeting. (This is starting to be a running theme.) No other nominations. That, too, passed 6-0.

Finally, Davis nominated – since everyone else forgot how to talk – Richard Bell for reappointment for the secretary spot. Yup. Passed. 6-0.

Knox County Commissioner Richard Briggs, Karen Smith a Raj Patel were absent from the meeting.

I'll have more on the Ethics Committee in tomorrow's paper. Good stuff, folks, good stuff

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