Monday, November 5, 2012

Voting tips for tomorrow's election

Case you've been under a rock, or if you're just brain dead, there's an election tomorrow. Sooo, it's that time again as I contact the county's main main in the election commission, Cliff Rodgers. Or rather, he contacts the media through one of his many spin releases.

The guy is on a roll, folks. Anyhoo, Rodgers has some election tips for those who missed early voting and do plan to hit the ballot box tomorrow.

“On election day, you're required to vote in the precinct where you live,” he said. “Our early locations are closed on election day. Don't show up and try to vote at Downtown West!”

Heh. Good stuff. Oh yeah, by the way, the polls are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

If you're not really sure about your polling place, then click right smack here where you will find the link “Where do I vote.” Enter your name, address, etc. to find your location.

Don't forget your ID. Cause, you know, the new rule is there to prevent you from voting. Heh. Also, vote early and often. (Cliff really didn't say that. His right and man, Scott Frith, did. Kidding, of course. Not really. Maybe. You'll never know.)

Do expect moderate to heavy lines, especially in the morning and evening. If you're in line at8  p.m., you can still vote, but come on, don't be THAT person.

The election commission won't release any results until everyone in line has vote, so that might not be until after 9 p.m. Seriously, don't call. Just go to the website and hit refresh every few seconds.

Rodgers said he expects about 50,000 to 70,000 voters tomorrow, so be patients with the folks at the ballots and if you have any questions or problems, then call. (Look up the number on your own – I'm not the white pages.)

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Brian Paone said...

"(Look up the number on your own – I'm not the white pages.)"

No, but you ARE responsible for the dissemination of information, jerkass. :-p

Since Mike's busy, here's the number: