Friday, November 16, 2012

Jones, Tramel talk shop in Taiwan

The Man with the Badge, Knox County's own jet settin', globe trottin' sheriff, Jimmy "J.J." Two-Tone Jones was in Taiwan the other day, according to the local rogue blogger, who is reporting that the sheriff's influence has now gone worldwide!

Apparently, Jones and Assistant Chief Lee Tramel were hanging with Fang-Chin-Chiu, the acting speaker of Chia-Yi City Council, and some other VIPs and law enforcement people. I think. Brian Hornback reports that the the sides talked about combating dug-related problems, including "ice."

He said no tax dollars were used to foot the bill.

There's no mention whether the two hit the links.

The above video is from a newscast Jones and Tramel appeared in while visiting. It's not in English, which makes it kind of funny.

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