Friday, November 2, 2012

Final early voting numbers released

OK, early voting is over. Nice. Talked to the main man, Cliff Rodgers, down there in the county's election office and he's got all the numbers broken down by day and voting location.

Sweet. Click right smack here for that bad boy.

It looks like we had 109,614 people show up to vote early. The biggest day was Thursday when a total of 12,693 played ball. The slackest was Oct. 20 when a total of 3,603 people voted.

Voters Thursday at Downtown West. (Photo by Dan Andrews)
Just glancing at this thing, it appears that Downtown West (31,502) and Farragut (21,176) saw the largest turnout. The Clinton Highway (12,900) and Halls (10,554) locations, however, weren't too shabby.

The University of Tennessee location was the slackest with an overall total of 2,596 although the place was open for only four days compared to 14 for the others. Love Kitchen was also kind of quiet with 3,924 and the old Deathstar garnered 4,658 folks, including yours truly.

Carter was kind of sorry with only 2,028 people voting, but East Knox County residents tend to vote on the real Election Day, so they're getting a pass.

For more info, click on the spreadsheet and there's also a story from today.

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