Thursday, March 8, 2012

County to host second cash mob Friday

Man, the COUNTY mayor's office is really running with this whole “cash mob” thing. And, they're doing it inside the CITY limits, too.

Yeah, that's a hint to other side of the Deathstar. Heh.

Anyhoo, in another non-unprecedented email, county spin doc Michael “Big Sexy” Grider announced that the County Mayor Tim Buchett is announcing that the administration will hold the next cash mob thing at Disc Exchange and Wee Care off Chapman Highway (the 2600 block across from Shoney's and the slab that used to be a Ruby Tuesday).

The event will be held tomorrow (that's Friday) from 5- 7 p.m.

I've never been to the Wee Care Shoppe. Apparently, it's a children's consignment thing that has kids' clothes, toys and other stuff for the rug rats.

I've been to Disc Exchange. If you want to buy something there (records, DVDs, whatever), then make sure you take out a second mortgage on your house, so you can afford it. And no, I'm not taking back that last statement.

The cool thing about this cash mob gig (the last one, which made national news, was at Emery's 5 & 10 if you forgot) is that “two locally owned and operated food truck vendors” will also be there in the parking lot, according to Big Sexy, who for some reason didn't bother to name the businesses.

I betcha that if the city's spin team, which makes a combined $250,000 a year, were to write the press release, they would have named the businesses.

So, I'll name them for you. One is Petros Chili & Chips, which I won't comment on, and the other is Archer's BBQ, which is awesome.

Have fun, whatever, I'm out.

Talk about one long ramble.

(On a more serious note, go help out these South Knoxville businesses. Thanks.)


Saul Young said...
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Saul Young said...

Disc Exchange is probably the only place in town you can buy that rancid-sounding heavy metal junk you listen to. It's not like you're gonna find Stryper or Dukken at Wal-Mart.

Mike Donila said...

Man, I don't listen to that $***

Brian Paone said...

Don't get me wrong. I like the overall concept of "cash mobbing". I just don't think a governmental entity should be taking the lead on it.

If the community does something like this by itself, awesome. That's a community banding together. But if I were these other small businesses on the Chapman corridor, I'd be expecting a cash mob from the Mayor's office too or I'd be raising Cain about favoritism.

Another thought:

So far, these cash mobs have targeted a 5-and-dime, a small record shop and a children's consignment store.

The last time I set foot inside a 5-and-dime was when I lived up north, and that's because there was no Wal-Mart. (Wal-Mart and flooding finally took that one down.)

Disc Exchange? I can find all that stuff online much cheaper, and McKay's has a wider selection among in-town stores.

Children's consignment? Ebay.

Can one make the argument, then, that the cash mobbing is only propping up businesses that are destined to fade into 21st century obscurity anyway?

But I guess that's largely academic. As far as any future events, though, maybe Tim should be cooperating with private citizens and letting them take the lead.