Monday, March 5, 2012

Super Tuesday weather predictions

Figured I should put up an election entry, cause, you know, elections are tomorrow.

And because we like to talk about the mundane over here at Screams from da Porch, I figured I'd report about the weather. Because talking about the weather is one of the most unoriginal things you can talk about.

So think about that when you're standing around with your spouse and she/he says: “Nice weather we're having today, huh?”

Yes, that means they are bored with you. Heh. Love advice from Screams from da Porch. But I digress.

Anyhoo, I just got an update from AccuWeather (I have no idea why I'm on their mailing list), and the good folks there have the low down on what voters across the country can expect tomorrow.

By the way 10 states are participating in Super Tuesday in case you didn't know. (I actually didn't. So nice to know AccuWeather is good for something besides bogus weather reports and annoying emails.)

Now, the reality is none of you really care WTH happens weather-wise for the rest of America so I'm not posting it. (But you can find it right smack here.)

But you probably (maybe?) want to know what they have to say about the local level. So, here ya go:
Breezy and dry conditions will be across . . . Tennessee, thus the weather is not anticipated to make headlines. Highs will be in the 60s in Tennessee. It is unknown how the recent severe weather across Tennessee will impact the elections. Election office were closed in (Tennessee) this weekend when calls were made Sunday morning.”
Ah, yes, AccuWeather.

The organization's observations for pointing out the highly obvious are truly remarkable.


Brian Paone said...

(I copied this from a previous entry because I'm lazy. But what do you care? A few more comments and you might actually be able to fool people into thinking there's traffic to this site. Anyway:)

Guesses for tomorrow night's results:

* PRES: Romney carries the county, Santorum carries the state. Stacey Campfield continues to believe he matters at the national level to more than just crazies and reporters in need of a soundbite (which are also, by definition, crazy).

* DELEGATES: Who the hell cares? I think it's amazing Victor Ashe and I agree on something. It's been two years since KUB agreed to cut my trees. Thanks, Vic. The next time a Republican gets elected President I hope they ship your butt back to Poland.

* CRIMINAL COURT DIV I: Going out on a limb here, but I think Steve Sword can pull this out.

* PROPERTY ASSESSOR: Phil Ballard takes the nomination and the office, demonstrating that the Hutchison power bloc has eroded since the height of its power last decade.

* LAW DIRECTOR: Joe Jarret wins this one, demonstrating that the Hunley power bloc is at the height of its power and STILL can't win a countywide race.

* BoE, SECOND DISTRICT: Indya Kincannon is, again, the only person in the Second District that gives a damn about running. Her reward is yet another turn as Board member.

* BoE, THIRD: I'll admit, I haven't paid any attention to this race. I'll throw a dart and say Edington, but all three candidates have very electable names.

* BoE, FIFTH: Elaine Davis makes history as the only candidate I know of to lose as a Democrat, Republican AND Independent. Carson wins this one easily.

* BoE, EIGHTH: Mike McMillan, because that district doesn't handle change very well. (See Midway.) Thankfully for them, McMillan's pretty good at what he does on the Board.

Too bad it's illegal to gamble on the outcomes of elections. Maybe the Charter Review Committee needs to take a look at that.

GEMackay said...

The Charter Review Committee can look all they want.
It is a state law that prohibits betting on the outcome of an election.
A law more "honored in the breech" as The Bard would say.

Brian Paone said...

Gee, thanks, Greg. Now I have to find another wild goose for them to chase. :-p

billy said...

Let's see . . .

Romney lost Knox County (so much for Haslam, Bailey, Williams, Duncan power)

The Ballard win was a Hunley win - should have seen the 12th floor at Crowne Plaza Tuesday night.

The Armstrong win was impressive (beating Burchett, Rice, Duncan III, Arnett, Quist, and Stokes) and if you want to tie him to Hunley -that's 2 county-wides for Steve

McMillan was also a Hunley win.

As Steve calls them, the "12 rich white guys" had a bad cycle.

Maybe they can do better in August.