Thursday, March 15, 2012

Five gone from property assessor's office

OK, by now you've probably heard that Knox County Property Assessor Phil Ballard has begun cleaning house. So to speak.

As of this entry, he's canned five people. On paper, however, three have been laid off, one resigned and one retired.

I'm not going to print their names. Think if would be kind of mean, actually, which is kind of funny, since I call the City County Building the “Deathstar,” and a lot of mean people work there, as well as some nice people, and at this point I'm rambling.

Anyhoo, here's the deal on them. (All were appraisers by the way.)
  • Male, hired 12-1-89, earned $43,500. Laid off.
  • Female, hired 1-8-2003, earned $29,300. Laid off.
  • Male, hired 11-2-09, earned $28,300. Laid off.
  • Male, hired 12-17-84, earned $27,700. Retired.
  • Female, hired 7-1-94, earned $35,300. Resigned.
Ballard essentially said he let them go because they resisted working with the new office stuff.

I'm sure there are quite a few people who aren't buying that.

And, then somewhere in the middle . . . .


Brian Hornback said...

four of the five were hired by former Assessor Parkey Strader. Why does Ballard now hate the choices Parkey Strader made?

Brian Paone said...

How's that antiquated spoils system nonsense working now, I wonder?

samIam said...

More likely Ballard tried to force himself on all of them and when they rejected his advances he canned them. This guy has a history of unwanted sexual advances. For the life of me I cant understand why some "Journalist" doesnt do their job and uncover this guys history. All it would take is a couple of phone calls to former employees. It will eventually come out. Probably years after he retires. Rotten apple to the core.