Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Email battle over audit, open records

Local developer Sandy Loy has taken the PBA out of his sights. Sort of. For now.

Instead, he's focused on the county's internal auditor Richard Walls.

A quick rehash before we get to the fun stuff: Loy has long been concerned with the Public Building Authority's handling of the Hardin Valley Academy project. After years of complaining, the County Commission and the Audit Committee asked Walls to conduct an audit of the project. He did. And he didn't find much. Here's a short story about it right smack here.

Afterward, Sandy took the audit and marked it all up. You can find that right smack here.

Needless to say he wasn't happy. So, he asked Richard for more information, which Richard refused. Then he reached out to two commissioners who sit on the audit committee (Amy Broyles and Dave Wright) and also Commission Jeff Ownby. It doesn't appear that they responded.

Then the Rogue Blogger got involved. Then county Law Director Joe Jarret. Then Sandy again. Then Richard.

Then someone in the office sent an email to the staff, letting us know there's some free food in the break room.

But, essentially, Walls says the records aren't open. Jarret tells Hornback that they are. Sandy wants them. Walls won't give them up.

And I'm kicked back, eating some of the free food.

So, here's all the email correspondence.


Enjoy. Good stuff.

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