Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chatter review committee onto other stuff

At this point, the Sheriff's Office pension plan has received most of the attention of the Knox County Charter Review Committee, which will be henceforth known as the "Chatter" Review Committee (shout out to the rogue blogger for the assignation).

However, the unwieldy 27-member panel has voted on a couple of items - housekeeping mostly - that will more than be put on the November ballot. (The board has to vote twice and then the county law department has to review it.)

Here's a look so far at the proposed amendments to the Knox County charter that were approved on first reading last night:

Strike through shows deletions

Bold show additions

Sec. 1.02. Private and local affairs.

With regard to private and local affairs, all lawful powers are vested in the Executive of Knox County and the Commission of Knox County, except those powers reserved to the judiciary., Board of Education, and elected Charter and Constitutional Officers as defined by the Constitution of the State of Tennessee.

Sec. 2.02.I. Other powers.

I. By resolution, the Commission may appoint members to those boards and commissions the County Commission deems necessary in the furtherance of its duties and responsibilities under this Charter or as provided by state law. of the following boards and commissions: Knox County Board of Adjustments and Enforcement; Knox County Agricultural Extension Committee; Knox County Air Pollution Control Board; Knox County Ambulance Review Commission; Knox County Board of Construction Standards and Applications; Knox County Board of Equalization; Knox County Board of Health; Knox County Housing Authority; Knox County Jail Inspection Committee; Knox County Library Board of Trustees; The Public Building Authority of the County of Knox and the City of Knoxville, Tennessee; Knox County Old Records Commission; Knox County Sheriff's Department Merit System Council; and two members of Knox County Personnel Board. All such appointees shall be residents of Knox County at the time of their appointment and at all times while serving on said board or commission. The Commission shall have the authority, by resolution, to remove and discharge all such members for good cause shown.

Sec. 2.02.A. Other powers.

A. The Commission is vested with all other powers of the government of Knox County not specifically, or by necessary implication, vested in some other official of the County by the Constitution of the State of Tennessee, by this Charter or by law not inconsistent with this Charter. However, neither the Commission nor the Chairman(woman) of the Commission shall exercise any powers or perform any functions of the County Government which are vested, by the terms of this Charter, in either the Executive Branch or the Judicial Branch. in the Executive Branch, Judicial Branch, Board of Education, and elected Charter and Constitutional Officers as defined by the Constitution of the State of Tennessee.

It should probably be noted that there is no such thing as a constitutional officer in Knox County, but since it's a little detail it probably doesn't matter. I mean, you know, we ignored term limits for about a decade. Why sweat this?

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Brian Paone said...

Items 1 and 3 look okay, but 2 looks like it might be overly broad in giving the Commission power over which boards it can and cannot appoint.

(Love the sarcasm about not sweating the small stuff. Of course, anyone with the sense God gave a decorative autumn squash knows small details are the biggest concern in legalese.)