Monday, March 26, 2012

Jarret, Armstrong meet, move forward

Georgiana Vines in her column – click right smack here – on Saturday provided some insight into incoming Knox County Law Director Bud Armstrong’s plans. She noted that Bud and his former political foe and GOP primary challenger Joe Jarret were gonna meet today.

They did, according to Jarret, who will leave office at the end of August. And the meeting went pretty well.

He said the office ordered coffee and bagels and held a small reception for Bud as employees introduced themselves. Also along for the ride was local GOP Chairman Ray Jenkins, who – according to Jarret – will lead Armstrong’s transition team.

Not sure that works. I know presidents have transition teams. But law directors?????


Anyhoo, Joe said everyone “was very cordial and Bud and I both agreed that was best for everyone and for the county was to put everything behind us and have a completely seamless transition.”

He said he has an empty office that he offered to let Bud use and said he’s putting together a transition notebook for him.

“I told him I’ll share everything I can except those things privileged by law,” Jarret said.

Joe said he, Ray and Bud talked about “the challenges (i.e. charter review) that lie ahead as (Bud) takes over,” but didn’t go into many details, noting that whatever he told me would make its way onto Screams from da Porch.

That’s about it.

Bud takes office Sept. 1.

As Georgiana noted, Bud told her that David Buuck is on his list for a possible gig in the law director’s office. To my knowledge there’s only one open position and that’s for law director junior (or whatever the right-hand man or woman position is called). Joe never filled the job, opting to do all of it himself. That’s not to say Buuck will get it. Bud could promote someone and then fill that position.

Ray has said publicly that he has no plans to join the department.

Oh wait, one more thing. You might have noticed that Georgiana reported that Bud would have people representing him or whatever at the charter review committee meetings. He wouldn’t, however, tell her who they were.

That’s strange. But whatever. It’s not like you can’t look around the room and figure it out.


billy said...

So - has Jarret decide to "not quit" again? Maybe someone should check with him every morning just to make sure.

Brian Hornback said...

The Party Chairman leads a transition team? That is funny. And Ray was impartial in the race? Even funnier. It seems that Ray is trying to channel the old back room days of the 1960 & 1970's.

Being a lawyer that can waste a few hours hanging with the law director-elect and the soon to be former law director is a lawyer with no real law business. All the lawyers I know are busy lawyering and representing people.

Ray H Jenkins said...

awww, Brian - and we used to be such good friends . . .

Unknown said...

perhaps Jenkins wanted to mend fences between two fellow GOP's?

Seems like Jarret made some serious blunders and it would take the powers that be to make sure he followed suit or jumped the GOP boat.

Unfortunately in some ways, there is not way to get around partisanship in the county....where it should not be an issue IMHO