Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mayor says 'no' to helping two nonprofits

Last week I wrote a story about the county disqualifying two local nonprofits from its financial applications process – the Beck Center and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

By the way I not going to say “I reported it first” - which I did - because that sounds like something TV would do. And we all know that TV sucks. I mean that it's bad for you

But I digress.

Soooo, you can click right smack here for the only coverage of two nonprofits blowing it.

In the meantime, some folks and some county commissioners have wondered just how series the mayor is about not funding the two groups.

I can tell you that it's no joke. He said this morning that he's not even considering it. Everyone who wanted money had the chance to apply.

But, he said, the County Commission, which really controls the purse strings but never really flexes its muscle, could help the organizations on its own.

Based on last year's actions, however, I don't see it. There was a lot of noise but in the end, the board passed the current budget exactly as the mayor proposed it. Except that they reinstated their travel allowances.



jeff_ownby said...

I didn't vote to reinstate the travel allowance and I even gave mine back. Just thought I would point that out.

Mike Donila said...

Jeff, while I have no doubt you gave back your allowance and didn't accept the recent raise you did sign off on the overall budget. That's the part I was talking about.

Brian Paone said...

Damn fine writeup, Mike. I sincerely hope my 1st District Commission representative recognizes the importance of non-profits following these submission rules.

The fault is not on the county in either the Beck Center's case or BB/BS. In both instances, the parties for both groups responsible for filing the paperwork on time is responsible.

In Rollins' case - that's largely what I've come to expect from the administrative leadership of the Beck Cultural Exchange Center. Frankly, I believe they're being led by a self-absorbed racist who spends far too much time preening his legacy to be of any use to the Beck.

In Ms. Yeatman's case, however, I'm a little surprised. Seems she has a reputation for covering her bases. I'd have thought if she wasn't sure about where the information was supposed to go, she'd either hit both places or call for clarification. Her group should be able to recover, though. They're not going to be missing much comparatively and BB/BS has a pretty strong support network.

It sucks, but in the end the rules are the rules. Neither entity filed on time, so neither entity gets green this year. If they're still around next year (and they both will be), then they will likely be far more mindful of their deadlines.

Let's see how many Commissioners are as mindful about fair play.