Friday, February 8, 2013

Briggs readies to challenge Campfield

Richard Briggs
Well, it looks like warrior, surgeon and Knox County Commissioner Richard Briggs will run for the 7th District Senate seat held by Stacey Campfield. Click right smack here for the story.

The reality is that this wasn't a big secret. Briggs – or those close to him – started the whisper campaign more than a year ago. The timing, however, is interesting.

Just as Campfield introduces more ridiculous legislation (that will fail abjectly) and once again makes national news (for all the wrong reasons), Briggs names his campaign treasurer.

And it certainly draws a nice contrast, particularly since a lot of Campfield's legislation (if not all of it) won't pass.

Stacey Campfield
However, don't count out Campfield (provided he runs, which, I think, most people feel he will).

Because what this will really do is just put him on more front porches. 

So, all the folks out there patting themselves on the back, and whooping it up over thoughts of Stacey's demise should probably keep themselves in check.

The election is still a loooong ways out. (August 2014 primary.)

I did talk briefly with  Briggs (as I was about to post this actually) and he said his announcement was "a long time coming - we started planning last fall - but wanted to wait until after the November election and the first of the year to do anything."

He said the super early announcement also gives him a chance to raise money and show folks he's serious about the run. 

He added that the announcement wasn't intentionally tied to anything Campfield has recently done.

"It wasn't planned but it worked out very well," he said. "He's certainly provided a lot of ammunition."

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