Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ethics ad hoc panel makes progress

Wrote a story today, talking about a County Commission ad hoc panel charged with looking into the makeup of the ethics committee. Right smack here for that bad boy.

Anyhoo, the four-member panel met today. Initially, members talked about using non-partisan civic groups to appoint members to the committee. The idea was to take out the politics, or potential for a conflict of interest.

All this was because the committee reappointed two of its own and appeared to give little consideration for the other 23 who applied.

The ad hoc committee today, though, agreed that the “easiest approach was to tweak what we have.”

Members said they'd recommend to the full Knox County Commission that the committee consist of only residents – no elected officials, former elected officials or county employees. They also want the commission to appoint three members, the mayor to pick three members, the committee to pick two members and the sheriff to pick one member.

The members would be term-limited to one, four-year term, but could be reappointed if they sit out a term. The seats also will be staggered.

The committee will meet again 1 p.m. on March 18.

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