Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kincannon goes after mayor on Twitter

Knox County school board member Indy Kincannon earlier tonight took a shot at county Mayor Tim Buchett on Twitter, saying: "Imagine if Tim Burchett spent as much time supporting our kids as he does bashing our schools superintendent."

I'm assuming Kincannon's tweet is in response to a story I wrote - right smack here - about Burchett's request that the school system hire an outside auditor to look at school security, and a story Georgiana Vines wrote - right smack here - in which Burchett also used a GOP meeting to push for an elected school superintendent.
I talked to the mayor about it and he said: "That's her right as an American to do that. My father fought in World War II for her right and my uncle died in World War II, so I stand behind her First Amendment rights."

No word on whether the mayor, who is no stranger to Twitter, will take to the web waves with another response.

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Brian Paone said...

Uh, Indya?

"Attacking the messenger" is an exceptionally ill-advised tactic at this stage of the game.

Just sayin'. -bp