Monday, February 25, 2013

Two to return to Knox pension board

Knox County Pension Board members Nick McBride and Joe Snyder were re-elected to serve on the board. (The elections were on Feb. 14. No, seriously.)

Only county employees vote in these things. Joe got 30 votes. Nick received 130.

Hahahahaha. Big turnout.

Anyhoo, Nick's seat seat represents county employees under the traditional retirement plan and the Sheriff's Office plan. Joe's seat represents school employees who are not covered in the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System, which covers state employees, public school teachers, etc.

The pension board is comprised on nine members. Four are county commissioners, two come from the school side, two come from the general employee side and one is technically the county mayor, although he typically uses the county's finance director as a proxy.

In addition to the pension board, there were elections to fill three seats on the county's Medical Insurance Appeal Board.

Timothy Wheeler, who got 57 votes and faced no competition, will represent seat C.

Stephanie Minor, who got 27 votes and also faced no competition, will represent seat B.

And, Tom Salter, who received 30 votes, will represent seat A. Tom defeated two others – Dennis Irwin (3 votes) and Jennifer Valentine (25 votes).

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